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Skyline Veterinary Hospital - Our Team


Nicole Foster-Norwood, Veterinary Office Assistant

Nicole Foster-Norwood, Client Care Specialist

Since Nicole was a little girl, her love for animals has grown into a passion that has taken her in many different directions.  After graduating high school Nicole spent several years travelling the world caring and training top level horses. This passion has taking Nicole to 40+ countries. Nicole gained valuable experience during her time managing horse farms, working closely with veterinarians to provide the best care for all the farm animals. Nicole has worked in a very busy emergency veterinary hospital; if she hasn't experienced a pet-related situation, she knows someone who has. In her spare time, you will find Nicole riding horses or spending time with her partner and their two rescue dogs, Greta and Gus. Nicole believes the love for all living creatures is the most noble human attribute.



Rose "Ro-Ché" Walker Mason, Client Care Specialist

Rose was born in Shreveport, Louisiana, and then adopted by their family and raised in North Vancouver. From day one, they’ve had a love for cats and wildlife. They’ve worked as a receptionist for 6 years and have experience primarily in animal emergency.

Their passion for animals is best seen in their artwork as they are also a part time illustrator and hobby artist. Cats, deer and owls are their favourite subjects. You may see them on Mosquito Creek taking nature photos or painting on the trails.


Sarah Barret, Client Care Specialist

Sarah Barret, Client Care Specialist

Sarah grew up in a home that welcomed fosters, strays, and rescues. She discovered at a young age her love for animals.

When she began exploring her career options, she tried to find a path that would merge her love for science and animals, and completed the veterinary assistant program at a private nursing school in 2008.

She has since worked at both emergency critical care specialty hospitals and general practice hospitals in the Lower Mainland. She also spent 2 years practicing as a veterinary nurse in Australia!

When not at work, Sarah spends time with her partner, 2 kids, and dog, Ellie.


Hayley Thomas-Sznadel, Veterinary Office Assistant

Hayley Thomas-Sznadel, Veterinary Assistant

Hayley has been an avid animal lover since the day she was born. She has owned and cared for dogs, cats, bunnies, and more! Hayley really discovered her love for animal care when she starting working at a doggy daycare in 2018. She realized caring for animals is her passion and wanted to move forward and work in the veterinary field. Hayley plans on attending school to become a registered veterinary technician in the future, but for now is enjoying learning more about the veterinary field as an assistant.


Kallie Pearson - Veterinary Office Assistant

Kallie Pearson, Veterinary Assistant

Kallie has always had a passion for animals and has worked with them her entire life. Growing up, her family dog required a lot of veterinary care. This showed her the importance of veterinary medicine and how it can positively impact their daily life. Her exposure and passion led her into this field. After secondary school, Kallie attended Douglas College and graduated from the Veterinary Assistant Program. She has worked in the veterinary field ever since.

Kallie has three rescue pets at home: Jake, a Border Collie Husky mix with epilepsy, Luke, an American Pit Bull Terrier, rescued from California, and Max, an adorable BC SPCA rescue cat. One of Kallie’s many passions is working with behaviour cases.

When not at work, Kallie enjoys  spending time with her pets and family on the water and up the mountains.


Sabrina Tsumura, Veterinary Assistant/Veterinary Student

Sabrina Tsumura, Veterinary Assistant/Veterinary Student

Sabrina's passion for animals began during her childhood in North Vancouver. From an early age, she expressed her love for all creatures. In a preschool project, she wrote about her hopes of becoming a veterinarian; since then, Sabrina has been working hard towards that dream.

Sabrina spent three years at Western University pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology. When she was not studying, Sabrina was either at Western Cheer Team practices or volunteering at the Humane Society. Recently, Sabrina was accepted into the Western College of Veterinary Medicine where she will further her studies in veterinary medicine. Sabrina is particularly excited to learn more about small and exotic animals, however, she is eager to expand her knowledge across a wide range of animal types.

In her free time, Sabrina loves to go on outdoor adventures, whether that be hiking, mountain biking or skiing. Joining Sabrina is her always happy Bernedoodle, Ellie, along with the rest of her family and friends.


Tina Campbell, Veterinary Office Assistant

Tina Campbell, Registered Veterinary Technician Student

Tina grew up in Tsawwassen BC. From a young age she had a great love for animals and was the reason her house was full of pets; cats, dogs, birds, fish and mice. Tina studied Philosophy and Applied Ethics at the University of Victoria and the University of British Columbia, but quickly realized she wanted to work with animals. Tina started working at a busy veterinary hospital in Vancouver and gained many years of experience as both a reception supervisor and a veterinary assistant. In 2016 Tina moved to Ireland with her partner and 2 cats, Taj and Bindi, where she spent 5 years working and travelling around Europe. It was while she was living in Ireland she realized that she wanted to pursue a career as a registered veterinary technician. Tina was accepted into the Thompson Rivers University distance program in January 2023 and is pursuing her academics while working part-time at the hospital. In her free time Tina enjoys being outside, gardening, reading, and spending time with her family, friends, and cats. Tina is looking forward to starting a new career as a registered veterinary technician while working alongside the amazing team at Skyline Veterinary Hospital.


Brittany Baldock, Registered Veterinary Technician

Brittany Baldock, Registered Veterinary Technician

Brittany grew up in Edmonton, Alberta. While completing her B.Sc. in Biology at the University of Alberta, Brittany volunteered for a local wildlife rehabilitation centre. It was here where she realized her passion for a more “hands-on” approach to helping animals.

After finishing her degree, she pursued a diploma in Animal Health Technology at N.A.I.T. Since graduating, Brittany has worked in both marine wildlife rehabilitation and small animal emergency and specialty medicine. 

Brittany’s areas of interest are in emergency and critical care, nursing, anesthesia, and client education. When she is not working, Brittany enjoys exploring the coastline with her dog, Ginny, and cat, Nala.


Janelyn de Boer, Registered Veterinary Technician

Janelyn de Boer, Registered Veterinary Technician

Janelyn was raised in Victoria, BC. She finished a degree in Psychology at the University of Victoria before discovering her love for working with animals while volunteering at a local wildlife rehabilitation centre.

After graduating from the Veterinary Technician program at Thompson Rivers University in 2013, she spent several years at a busy specialty practice in Vancouver. For the last several years she has practiced as a locum at veterinary hospitals around Vancouver. 

Janelyn's areas of interest are anesthesia, neurology, and client education.

When she's not working, Janelyn enjoys hiking, paddle boarding, gardening, cooking, and spending time at home with her partner and senior pets - Deeno the wiener dog and Buns the bunny.


Kasey Meikle, Registered Veterinary Technician

Kasey Meikle, Registered Veterinary Technician

Kasey’s love of animals led her to pursue a career in veterinary medicine. She has experience working in a variety of wildlife shelters and small animal medicine hospitals since 2006. She obtained her Animal Health Technology Diploma in 2013 from Thompson Rivers University and has been working as an RVT with wildlife and small animals ever since.

Kasey’s areas of interest are conservation, animal nursing, animal behaviour, and training.
When she isn’t working, Kasey can be found outside hiking alongside her noble border collie, Cola.


Justyna Matracki, Registered Veterinary Technician

Justyna Matracki, Registered Veterinary Technician

Justyna obtained her animal health technology diploma in 2011 from Olds College. It has taken her down many different career paths.  Her work experience includes small animal medicine, animal welfare organizations abroad, wildlife and environmental consulting, and teaching. Her main focus these days is as an instructor teaching future veterinary assistants. Justyna also locums at veterinary clinics in North Vancouver and continues her own learning in the busy and rewarding career of veterinary medicine.

When she’s not working numerous jobs, Justyna can be found exploring the mountains, hiking multiple laps on the Grouse Grind, or adventuring to remote areas of British Columbia via boat with her trusted companion, a cat name Sailor.  The newest addition to the family, a kitten named Squid, is currently being trained in the art of adventurism.